Amsterdam Science Park, AMS9

Amsterdam Science Park AMS9 Campus.

Amsterdam Science Park is the Netherlands leading interconnection hub. With over 210 carriers and ISPs available for private peering via a Cross Connect, customers benefit from outstanding connectivity options.







Amsterdam, The Center of Digital Innovation and Connectivity.

Amsterdam is the digital connectivity hub to Europe. Our presence at Science Park doubles the connectivity of Interxion in Amsterdam and strengthens the communities of interest in all our Amsterdam data centers.

For customers, this means excellent connectivity options including the top international providers, the largest internet exchanges, more than 40 ISPs and access to the most important cloud platforms in the world. Download the ‘connectivity, cloud & data center’, outlook report’ published at the ‘Strategy and Networking Summit KickStart Europe Conference 2019’

Colocating at Science Park means receiving direct access to all the hyperscale public cloud providers.  Customers can architect their own hybrid cloud solutions. Access includes:

Microsoft Azure.
Amazon Web Services.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

At Interxion you get the choice and flexibility you need to build secure and reliable networks. With the right performance at the right price, we’re on hand to guide you and help you select the best match for your needs.

Enjoy the freedom of multiple carriers to ensure redundancy and resilience; or move easily from one provider to another as your requirements change, with minimal disruption to your business.

Science Park campus sits at the centre of Amsterdam’s innovation hub and offers unparalleled connectivity options. AMS9 is among the most carrier dense facilities in Europe, with more than 170 carriers, ISPs and major Internet exchanges present.

More than 170 fixed and mobile carriers, ISPs and CDNs
Direct access to the AMS-IX, Asteroid, NDIX and NL-ix internet exchanges.

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