Factory data center provides the best-in-class European data center  connectivity services.  Through our partnerships with leading European carriers and Internet Exchanges, we offer a number of hybrid connectivity solutions.

Dedicated Internet Access

Datacenter the Factory is an Internet service provider offering dedicated Internet access backed by the most robust SLAs available.

We reliably provide dedicated Internet access hroughout Europe, connecting hundreds of businesses to Datacenter the Factory’s expansive backbone of optical fiber.

Our unique approach to functional Internet access is characterized by providing companies superior quality, high-performance availability, optimized over a highly secure network.

Our innovative ability to provide reliable bandwidth helps your company to facilitate and increase business productivity through leading connectivity tailored to your specific needs.

IP Transit

Datacenter The Factors robust partner network of global carriers and regional ISP’s offer the fastest and most reliable Dedicated Internet Connectivity, IP Transit, Layer 2 Transport & MPLS .  

Whether you are a network carrier, regional ISP, enterprise or a colocation service provider our network connectivity partners offer scalability and performance needed to connect globally. 

Internet Exchange Points

As your business needs grow, ensure consistency and scalability by connecting with our Internet service partners that offer global connectivity delivered through a single peering port.

By routing part of your Internet traffic through Datacenter the Factorys participating Internet Exchange Points, service providers decrease the capacity load on their IP Transit or transport links, which increases speed and efficiency.

Our managed network solutions allow access to a network presence at some of the largest colocation facilities in Europe, and across the globe.

Datacenter the Factory connects via public peering partner and Internet Exchange Points (IXP’s), to shorten the Internet path taken by for critical business traffic, which can deliver a faster, higher quality, and a more dependable connection. 

When private connectivity is required, Datacenter the Factory leverages its presence at major colocation facilities to offer private connectivity.

With easily maintained direct connections to service providers at major colocation facilities, quality-of-service constraints and security measures can be directly applied between the two parties for traffic traversing the connection.


SD-WAN is the next generation solution to route traffic safely and intelligently through a WAN network. Optimize the functionality of remote services through MPLS and broadband Internet services.

SD-WAN-as-a-Service combines advanced options with optimum ease of use, with simple remote configuration, implement and manage branch networks via a simple connection and switched providers.

Backed by customized Service Level Agreement (SLA) for optimum uptime and performance, Datacenter The Factory ensures business continuity and optimized performance.

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