offsite data storage

Datacenters are the powerhouses of the business world. As technological advances continue to transform the way organizations do business, the need for offsite data storage and processing power increases.

Often, this significant increase in resources is too much for inhouse IT teams to manage internally or with an existing corporate infrastructure.

Organizations benefit from datacenters in a variety of ways. Most specifically offsite data storage within a datacenter allows a company to focus on its consumer objectives instead of technological maintenance.



Why do businesses need data centers?

Datacenters are specialized physical spaces that house high-end computing equipment, used for processing high volumes of important data. Businesses need offsite data storage within a datacenter because standard business IT systems do not have a high enough processing power to handle the sheer volume of data that modern businesses require for their day to day operations. Datacenters house critical IT infrastructure equipment that allow a business to maintain an online presence, maintain efficiency in daily operations, run applications, and process data in a cloud computing environment.

Modern datacenters house a variety of infrastructure components, including server storage, servers, and network connectivity equipment, that enable a business to access their server storage over the Internet. Users, whether using a private datacenter or a shared data center, access data and programs housed on datacenter equipment via the Internet to complete daily operations such as email and file sharing, e-commerce services, virtual services, large databases and much more.

What is off site Datacenter storage?

With so much of the business world being online, datacenters are more important than ever to keep up with the vast amounts of data being processed in the blink of an eye.

Most businesses and organizations need an offsite datacenter in order to process their data quickly and efficiently. With the recent shift to cloud-based systems, most businesses now use off-site data centers, dedicated buildings and compounds either shared with other businesses or privately owned.

An off-site datacenter is now much more efficient than inhouse business IT housing. The closer a business is to its datacenter, the less latency it will experience.

What are the benefits of an off site Data storage?

According to a recent survey 94% of companies suffering from a catastrophic data loss do not survive – 43% never reopen and 51% close within two years, whilst 7 out of 10 small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year. (DTI/Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Offsite data storage has become an increasingly common solution for archiving documents and backing up crucial files. A well-rounded data protection plan that includes offsite tape storage and online backup will dramatically decrease the amount of downtime you suffer when the unexpected hits you without warning.

5 Advantages of Offsite Data Protection

With offsite data backup storage, there is typically very little setup costs involved, rather,  a recurring monthly fee is charged for your data storage space, and the price is determined by the amount of data space you require.

Offsite backup data facilities supply automated updates, quick data recovery, easy access to data, and real-time edits to information.  Offsite data protection is also robust, reliable, safe, and provides accessibility when you need it. 

Encrypted Security
The role of encryption is critical when it comes to storing vital information. By storing data offsite with a trusted datacenter that has  high protection and security standards, you can guarantee data transfers always include encryption and that your information is never subject to harm.

Transferring your information to a datacenter is extremely convenient; the only requirement necessary for offsite data protection is a means of Internet connection. When you migrate your confidential data to a trusted offsite backup facility, you can store, manage, and share your data with no hassle involved. Offsite data storage allows ease in performing backup and can be accomplished with only a few clicks.

Offsite data protection provides the ability to access your data from anywhere safely. Data can also be obtained remotely on your laptop or mobile phone. 

Datacenter the Factory

From manufacturers, financial institutions, distributors, to retail businesses, any industry can benefit from the advantages of offsite data protection.

Netherlands Datacenter the Factory‘s robust colocation ecosystem offers an unparalleled diversity of server storage space, and a host of leading Internet connectivity options.

At Datacenter the Factory, our highly skilled and certified IT professionals deliver software installations and IT migrations. We resolve system malfunctions, route connections, and provide an end to end colocation datacenter service that reflects our best-in-class managed datacenter services.