Day: 24 November 2021

What is a 42U Server Cabinet?

What is a 42U Server Cabinet?

Suitable for scaling companies, application workloads, and network PoP’s, (Point of Presence), individual cabinets in our 42u server cabinets at our Amsterdam colocation datacenter facility offer companies the ability to maximize the potential of their servers. As servers are the most important component of a network system, it’s crucial to take care of them.

Whilst organizations of all types and sizes can be affected by server failure, there are methods that you can employ to prolong the life of your server to keep it running seamlessly. At our Amsterdam colocation facility, Datacenter the Factory is the ideal environment to minimize the impact of server failure.

What is a 42U Server rack used for?

One of our most frequently requested colocation services provided by Datacenter the factory is 42U Server rack cabinets. A server rack houses and organizes critical IT systems which can be assembled to support a wide range of IT requirements. Also known as a server rack cabinet, server racks are typically located in a datacenter environment, though they are sometimes used in small computer closets.

Importantly, for your business server, a variety of events can lead to the failure of a server instance, and often one failure occurrence can lead to another. 

Loss of power, hardware malfunction, operating system crashes, overheating, and unexpected application behavior can all contribute to instances of server failure.

A 42U server rack houses and organizes server equipment over 6 feet and can be configured to support a wide range of critical IT systems.

What are the advantages of choosing a 42u server rack?


Business Servers are often expensive pieces of hardware that can cost thousands of Euros. Securing sensitive data held on your server helps to minimize the risk of tampering or theft. A 42u server rack keeps your server secure and it comes with doors that can be locked.

Easy to maintain

A 42U server rack is easy to maintain. Keeping cables labeled and organized will prevent cords from becoming tangled and interfering with network lines. Keeping your server cabinet clean can also prevent the risk of contaminants like dust that can cause downtime.

Scalable space

A 42u server rack is spacious and businesses may add more servers to the racks at any time. A 42RU rack will hold 6 feet in height of servers. For larger companies, you will likely need several full racks, and as your business operations grow, you may require much more space much sooner than you anticipated.


An enclosed server rack restricts the airflow to the server. As a result, the server runs the risk of being overheated. A 42U server rack ensures even distribution of airflow. Therefore, the risk of damage related to overheating is minimal.

With colocation datacenter solutions from a Full 42u rack to a full suite, datacenter the factory datacenter is the perfect carrier and cloud-neutral colocation datacenter environment for highly secure mission-critical IT systems.

With 10+ data center connectivity partners spanning 8+ Western European countries, Netherlands Factory datacenter provides retail and enterprise operations customers, leading colocation and interconnection to Europe’s most popular cities and metros.

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